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Math About Math



You do not have to install anything on your computer if your browser is fairly recent.

Math on this site is written in Tex and uses the MathJax package of Javascript. In modern browsers (and Javascript enabled not-so-modern browsers) you need nothing except to enable Javascript to view the inline and display math, but if you get poor results, installing math fonts in you browser may help. In Firefox, the MathML-fonts add-on will install these fonts.

MathJax can serve math as PNG images, but I have not enabled these because of the huge number of files involved.

MathJax is not stretchy. If formulas overlap other material, expand your browser window if you can.


Some math diagrams are written in SVG. The code is visible if you view the page source.

Many modern browsers will render SVG like any other picture on a web page. Some browsers make prettier pictures than others.

SVG is plain text XML. If you save the picture, your browser will almost certain save it in another format. If you want the code, you may have to cut and paste it from the page source.

Unlike MathJax, SVG is stretchy. If you copy the SVG code from the page source to a file, you can view the file to see greater detail.



  1. MathJax
  2. TeX Commands available in MathJax

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This is a student's notebook. I am not responsible if you copy it for homework, and it turns out to be wrong.

Figures are often enhanced by hand editing; the same results may not be achieved with source sites and source apps.


This page is MathAboutMath

December 23, 2018

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