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Calculus Polynomial Graph Exercises Answers

Exercises from public domain textbooks. Workings where provided do not necessary follow the same lines as the original.

D33-1. Maximum (1,7), minimum (3,3); point of inflection (2,5), with slope -3 at that point.

D33-3. No critical points; inflection at x=1, with slope 3.

D33-5. {$ x = 0, x= \pm 1, \pm {1 \over 3} \sqrt{3} $} worked Warning! The working does not agree with the textbook answer.

D33-7. {$ x=-2, -{4 \over 5}; x=1, -{4 \over 5} \pm {1 \over 10}\sqrt{54} $}

D33-10. Point of inflection at (0,0)

D33-12. {$ x=0; x=\pm {2\over 3}\sqrt{3a} $}

D33-13. {$ x=0; x= \pm ({3 \over 5})^{1 \over 4} $}

D33-14. {$ x=0; x=\pm {1 \over 5}\sqrt{5} $}


  1. Elements of the Differential and Integral Calculus Wikisource
  2. Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson Project Gutenberg:
  3. Davis,Ellery Williams, William Charles Brenke, Earle Raymond Hedrick. The Calculus (Macmillan Company, 1922) Google Books
  4. Love, Clyde E., Earl David Rainville Differential and Integral Calculus (Macmillian, 1916) Google Books


  1. Paul's Online Notes: Calculus I'' while not a source of material here, sometimes helpful when stuck.

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